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"GroupMentions" allows users to send mentions to all members of a Confluence group. This takes into account whether
group members have sufficient permissions to view the mentioned content. In addition, Confluence administrators can
define limits and restrictions (blacklists, whitelists) to control which groups can be mentioned.
It is supposed to be a solution for the issue: [CONFSERVER-23015] "Extend 'Mentions' to work with groups as well"

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After installing the plugin, "GroupMentions" embeds itself into the "+" ("Insert more content") menu of the Confluence editor.
Selecting "Group mention" from the "Insert more content" menu (or pressing the assigned shortcut) will open the "Insert Group Mention" dialog.


Atlassian Confluence App GroupMentions Banner

After opening the "Insert Group Mention" dialog, the name of the group to be mentioned must be entered in the textbox (which supports autocompletion for all known Confluence group names).
First checkbox option allows to restrict mentions to users who have view permission on the current content (Confluence allows user mentions to all users, but user without view permission will not receive any notification). 
Second checkbox option allows to place all inserted mentions in a expand macro (a collapsible container).

Atlassian Confluence Screenshot - GroupMentions dialog

Confluence administrators can define restrictions based on blacklists, whitelists and limits.

Atlassian Confluence Screenshot - GroupMentions configuration

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